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360 Photo Booth Atlanta GA


There are a lot of factors that contribute to a successful party. Through the years, coordinators have continuously come up with new and creative ways to spice up celebrations and gatherings. One item that makes events memorable and exciting is the 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA. While photobooths are nothing new, this innovative addition will surely make your party the talk of the town.


Why You Need a 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA

Taking pictures is a must for parties. That’s why many people flock to conventional photobooths to keep mementos of special events. To further improve the experience for all attendees, try bringing a 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA. It’s a unique solution to keep your guests from becoming bored and the best way to publicize your celebration or conference. Here’s why getting a 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA is a wise decision:


A 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Enhances the Classic Selfie

Instead of using a phone to take selfies, a spinning booth is a better choice. It can showcase your attire so you won’t settle for pictures that only has you and your acquaintances’ faces. This innovation also allows guests to take GIF videos and review the results instantly. You’ll have the freedom to be creative and quirky while making memories with your friends, family, or colleagues.


A 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Is Great for Groups

If there’s something inconvenient about the usual selfie, it’s the fact that you have to hold out and strain your arms just to fit several people in a picture. With a 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA, you won’t have to worry about this. It usually comes with a base platform with varying sized depending on how many people you want to accommodate in one picture.


A 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Gives Instant Satisfaction

Another advantage of getting a spinning booth for your party is that it instantly gives your guests satisfaction. No matter what they do with the technology, they can instantly review their photos, GIFs, slow motion videos, and more. Gone are the days when people had to wait for film to be developed before seeing their pictures taken at a party or a special event.


In addition, they can also immediately share their photos on social media. This can help with your event’s publicity and boost engagement for your next event. Since the attendees at your party will tag you on the photos they took in your booth, you can use this opportunity to promote your brand more.


A 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Offers a DIY Experience

With a professional photographer, your guests might feel compelled to pose or look a certain way. However, they can choose their own poses and plan them out with their friends when they take photos in a 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA. Aside from that, you and the other partygoers can customize the filters, stickers, or overlays that you want to be included in your images.


A 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Makes Your Party More Enjoyable

Everyone knows that an event can only be considered successful if the attendees are happy and satisfied. A spinning photo booth is the perfect way to keep your guests engaged and occupied even during break times or in between programs.


Rent a 360 Photo Booth in Atlanta, GA Today

Create awesome memories that last forever at your next party with our help at Just In Time DJ Entertainment. You can rent our 360 photo booth in Atlanta, GA for your wedding, private event, or conference. Each of our packages is inclusive and includes an on-site operator, unlimited photo strips in color, black and white, name or logo on all photo strips, and more.


You can make fun, quirky GIFs or wacky paparazzi shots to share on social media with our booth. Contact us today to request a quote.

Create Awesome Moments That Last Forever

Creating an event worth remembering calls for a great entertainment and documentation team. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or corporate event, you can enjoy a night to remember, thanks to DJs and live entertainment. What’s more, you and your friends can get together for photo booth snaps and have the event covered by a full production team. No matter how big or small your party is, you can have a unique, dynamic, and memorable experience.


The best part about having an all-in-one full DJ service, entertainment, and production company for your party is its convenience. You don’t have to worry about preparation because certified technicians are ready to set up the latest equipment for a smooth program. Any event can become the talk of the town if it has the complete package to bring entertainment and build lasting memories.


Get All Your Event Entertainment Needs From One Place

Whether you are organizing a small or a big event, hiring the right company for the job is essential. Getting professional, reliable, and affordable entertainment services is the best way to enjoy a smooth planning process. You can get entertainment production, eye-popping lighting design, and the most talented DJs from the ultimate one-stop shop for social occasions.


Organizing an event worth remembering is an art form in itself. Music and live performances are the main specialties of an innovative entertainment company that offers to help you from the planning to the execution stage. You can get the services and resources you need to create an extraordinary event. From talented performers to the latest systems, your party will indeed have nothing but the best.


Private Event DJs in the Southeast

Throwing an epic party is possible when you combine it with the art of music entertainment. Hiring some premium corporate and private event DJs in the Southeast is a sure way to elevate your event and keep your guests engaged. A team of talented disc jockeys can turn any birthday, holiday, or backyard party into the most talked about event with live performances guaranteed to rock any crowd.


While not all events are the same, having the most engaging DJs can turn any crowd around with curated music for every part of the program. Entertainment services highlight every special aspect of your party to make memorable experiences in person and even amplify the documentation process. Experienced DJs from the Southeast have mastered the business and honed their craft to deliver outstanding performances.


DJ Services That You Can Trust With Your Wedding 

You deserve nothing but the best services for your wedding day. Hiring a full DJ service, entertainment, and production company for your biggest event can help ease your mind about the planning process. A team of professionals will be there with in-house DJs and well-maintained equipment readily set up for you. Your needs and wants will be met and exceeded as the celebration progresses.


From your grand entrance to the reception, seasoned disc jockeys will help highlight every important moment of your big day with the right music. You have the option to choose your DJ and request a custom playlist. A planning portal for personal customization tools for music, timeliness, and wedding information will also be available to let you seamlessly plan your dream event.


Elevate Your Private and Corporate Events

Small private functions and corporate events wouldn’t be boring if you hired an all-in-one entertainment company to help you plan them. Seasoned DJs and live performers are available to bring life to your party. You can also add some artistic value to any social gathering by getting breakdancers, MCs, saxophonists, and violinists to put on an epic show for an unforgettable day.

Book Your Event With Just In Time DJ Entertainment
Experience outstanding customer service from a professional entertainment service company. Just In Time DJ Entertainment is here to understand your specific needs for any event and make them happen. Book us today! 

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