Our Goal For Every Client:

Just In Time DJ/Entertainment strives to provide our clients with professional, reliable and affordable entertainment.

We want to take care of ALL  your entertainment needs. 

From the entertainment production, eye popping lighting design, the most talented DJs and planning every detail.

We are not your ordinary entertainment company. Our goal is to not be ordinary. No one remembers ordinary events, we will work 24/7 to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

 The work we do and the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission here at Just In Time DJ are just a piece of the puzzle. We focus on how we interact with each other to work together and use daily experiences to shape the future. Leaving things better than we found them are huge part of our daily process. 

Our Core Values

Our Focus ​

  • Fun

  • Dedication

  • Integrity

  • Innovative​

  • Passion

  • Teamwork

  • Impact

  • Accountability 

  • Knowledge​

  • Positivity

  • Respect

  • Safety

Just In Time DJ started in 2007 by Patrick Thompson when he was 16 years old. 


From Patrick(JITD FOUNDER/CEO) : 

"I started around the event industry  doing catering, bussing tables and serving food. While at these events I noticed how people interacted with the music and DJs.  The DJs that I saw were not as "into the guest" as I thought they should be, there was a disconnect.  As I went to many events I started to realize that this is something that I have a passion for and I wanted to change the way djs operated in my area. School dances in my area were also not at all set to high standards. The dj did not have or know the music that we wanted, the lighting was not at all a '' jaw dropper''. A lot of times we made the best of it because we brought the party wherever we went. I asked around looking for speakers. Someone from my church gave me 2 old speakers from Radio Shack, that I had to then go buy an amp, speaker cables and it  started from there."  


Patrick Thompson- Founder/CEO

Miguel Hernandez- Client Success/Business Relations  

Will Hunt- Camera Guy/Content Creator    

Neriah Ethridge- Marketing Coordinator 


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